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Carl Berry

Carl Berry STC

When I left Rowan I was transferred to Fleet Sonar School in San Diego to attend class on the latest sonar system. I had a career long wish to be in the submarine service and was successful in talking my detailer into changing me over to attend a submarine sonar maintenance course. From there I was transferred to an the George Washington Carver (SSBN656). Can you imagine a CPO reporting aboard a submarine having never served on one. Anyway, I qualified for my dolphins on my first patrol. After leaving Carver (five patrols of 105 days each), I reporter to submarine school, New London for shore duty. I retired in August 1977 and immediately went to work for General Motors as a skilled trades electrician. I stayed there a couple of years, fired my wife, and started work in management for a small regional airline. I worked in that job almost 10 years and then the company went bankrupt. From there I went to work for the postal service and retired from that job in 2004.
My wife and I currently live in Columbia, Missouri. She is a retired school teacher and currently works full time for State Farm Insurance. I am semi retired and work part time for Bass Pro Shops.
I will try to find some pictures and send them to you.
You are so right.  Shipmates are forever. Especially what we went through at Haiphong harbor that night. I was in sonar right behind CIC and was doing the aiming for the Shrike missiles.


I remember being in CIC watching the ECM scope when the zipper heads started radiating on us with their cross slot radar. My station in sonar was to aim the ASROC launcher on their bearing. As I remember the captain gave us a green board to fire and we took out two gun cites. I live about 50 miles north of Atlanta and have a Gainesville address.