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Bobby Fulton, SN

C Packer

It certainly is good to hear from someone from the crew of the Rowan. The web site was just great. I just couldn't believe it when I opened and saw some of the pictures. It really brought back a lot of good memories for me. I have some picture I will have to find and scan so I can get them to you. SO have you ever heard from the kid Gallagher I think that is how he spelled his last name. How about Glanzer or Galvin. Menke used to be a good friend of mine and so was Mathew. How about Cheeko the Signalman. Gee I could just go on and on. I look at some of the movies I made while I was on that ship and just wonder where did time go so fast.
Well I have been living in a little place called Concord. VA. It is like 12 miles from Appomattox or Lynchburg. I have been a supervisor for the last 30 years at a furniture company called Thomasville. I met a beautiful woman after I got out and we married and had a daughter which is 30 years old now. I also got saved by Christ and he runs my life now instead of the drugs and beer that use to control me. I also work for H & R Block so if you need your Taxes done call for an appointment. lol just kidding of course.
I have had a great life with my wife. I wish I had known about the Reunions. I sure wouldn't loved to have been there (2/05)