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Retired as FTCM in 1989

Ellie & Bill McCalla 1997

Retirement on USS Iowa (BB 61)

"I left the Rowan and was assigned FMAG Alameda, then back to sea in USS Prairie AD 15 in the Repair Dept. From there to Fleet Training Center San Diego as an Instructor. I set up the First west coast Navy school for CIWS and then went on to set up the new Weapons Training Building in it's present location. I was the guy everybody blamed if something wasn't right or wouldn't work. Loved it ! Made Senior Chief there before being transferred to, NOW GET THIS !!! Fleet Training Group WestPac Det. Subic Bay, Philippines, Tough Huh? Made Master Chief and was Command Master Chief and AOIC. for 4 years. Such arduous duty !!!!!!!! I met my future bride there since my first wife fired me. That's Ms. Ellie, she sure takes good care of me. From the Philippines we went to the east coast and the USS IOWA BB 61 where I remained till my retirement after 30 years service.
After retirement my wife and I returned to the Philippines and adopted 3 kids and returned to Pensacola with them. Right after we got back we got 2 more that we were guardian for since they were already in the states.One just graduated from the University here and is now working on her Masters. The others are doing great with one completing Jr. College with an AA degree. he hopes to go to UF in Gainesville after serving a hitch in the service. Maybe Air Force. Another girl married an Army man and they live at Ft. Gordon, Ga The rest are all working here in Pensacola.
My three girls that were with me in Japan have all done great in spite of me raising them and now all live in California. Gigi, oldest is a Sgt. with the San Diego County Sheriff's Office. Candy is a Finance and Insurance person and does very well. Mitzi is a stay at home mom and runs a business from her home, she also does quite well. I always was one lucky SOB. I was supposed to have been in Turret 2 the day it exploded and killed all 47 sailors, But that's another story I'll tell at the reunion if I can make it."

The "Clan" Xmas 1997