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In Late June 2001, Greg Doner, Mike Clover (and his son, John), Glen Kerr and Chuck Packer got together at Doner's in Boise, ID.  Greg hosted a four day outing for us.  After camping out at his house the first night, we headed for some white-water rafting on the South Folk of the Payette River.  Then back to Doner's to packed-up his llamas, and gear, and off we went to hike and camp in the Sawtooth Mountains.  We headed up Hey 21 to Standley, ID, where we had a late supper (and a few beers).  We then backtracked somewhat and found a meadow to pitch camp for the night.  Early next morning we broke camp, and headed up a forest road to the trail head of the River of No Return Wilderness.  We packed the llamas, and took off up the trail, arriving at our final campsite a few hours later.  Along the way we used the llamas to help us ford the fast running river (except Kerr, who has always enjoyed doing things the hard way).  Our camp was right up from the river, and some thermal springs that had been made into three stepped pools.
We had a great time.  There are no friends like shipmates.  We'd pretty much gotten the "remember whens" and "remember whos" covered during our larger reunion the year before.  This was just old shipmates enjoying each other's company.
Here are some pictures.  All of the thumbnails link to 800 pixel versions (just click on the thumbnail).  Use your browser's "back button" to return to this page.  (CLP 9/02)

Day One
At Doner's

Day Two
White-water rafting

Positions in raft: Packer (stbd bow), Clover (port bow), Doner (stbd beam), Kerr (port beam),
John Clover (stbd qtr), Blonde and Brunette.

Day Three
Wake up, pack up, hit the trail, pitch camp

Day Four
Break camp, head back, stopped and popped a few hundred rounds of ammo (of all calibers-it's Idaho, remember)

Sorry, no photos.  I was either tired of taking pictures, or the Johnny Black got to me