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Once upon a time Dick reynolds & me was walkin' down the main drag in pubic bay during a real heavy rain.We'd already comsumed 4 or five blocks worth of San Magoo and had already quit dodgin' puddles. ya see, dodgin' puddles cuts into yer drinkin' time. Anyway, i paused to lite a smoke and when i looked up..no reynolds.All i saw was that dumbass lil red watch cap that was his trademark floatin' onna water. instantly reynolds surfaced while i was laffin' my ass off. Now I'm gonna rescue reynolds...put my hand to him...you know what happens next. Yup...both of us swimmin' in olongapo mud. The puddle turned out to be about a 5 ft hole inna ground.Mebbe dat's why dat barrier was dere inna 1st place.....Then there was Pauline's & the infamous alligator....but thats a story for another day, ain't it? Tel ya what....I will NEVER EVER forget you guys. best Sumbitches I ever served with, bar none.
Thanks for the memories,
Mike H-D Carter


Anyone know the whereabouts of "Mouse" QM1 Stuart Taylor?Last I heard he had been runnin' guard mail in Okinawa &ran the guard mail jeep off the end of a pier into the blue Pacific.Poor eyesight & San Magoo maybe?

Mike Carter


 I heard from several sources that Mouse is dead.  Someone was telling the story at the reunion that he used to be able to lock his ankles behind his neck ( a basket fuck was the first thing that came to my mind) and that he did dis one night at a bar whilst drinking with sum mates.  These good shipmates went off and left Mouse there, unable to disentwine himself.


When we went to Hakadate in the dead of winter ol Mouse did that trick...he could put the legs behind his neck by himself but coiuldn't "undo" em.Well, here's mouse entertainin' the JN girls with that trick when i remembered seein a big blue plastic shitcan behind one of the bars. I went out inna fuckin' blizzard & retrieved that shitcan and came back inna bar with it. Sure enuff, ol mouse is still wowin the girls with his houdini shit. I grabbed mouse and slid him down into that shitcan & carried that sumbitch around half the nite with his little mousy head & feet just barely stickin' outa the shitcan. Each bar i went into i hefted mouse (and shitcan) up onna bar & fed hime his ration of 2-3 bottles of Asahi.Mouse started tellin' us he hadda take a leak. I said"mouse ol buddy, yer in deep kimchee cus yer inna barrel for the duration."when we finally got mouse outa the shitcan there musta been 3 gallons of recycled Asahi he was almost floatin' in.

THAT DID happen Chuck....axe around.

                                Mike H-D Carter